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My Family History

I grew up hearing stories about the Holocaust. My grandfather Solomon was the only survivor from his family. He immigrated to America a broken man, alone but alive. Yet he made a life for himself, grew roots, got married, had children, grandchildren and is a real-life example of the American Dream.

My grandfather’s experience, and his ability to articulate the horrors that were inflicted on him (and millions more) left its mark on my soul and helped me to develop a sense of compassion for all of humanity. But what I also learned is not everyone has the same chance at achieving the American Dream.

I think about my grandfather and the horrors he and millions of other people experienced in the Holocaust. I am so grateful that my grandfather lived. Because of his survival I have my mom, my aunt and uncle, my sisters, my cousins, nieces and nephews and now my three sons. We all breathed life because he was given the chance to live and dream right here in America. What this country did for him is a debt I carry with me. I live my life trying to pay that debt forward. 



Picture 1: David with his 3 sisters (Randie, Rachel and Sarah), and sons Solomon and Clayton

Picture 2: David with his sisters, step-sisters and many of our  partners and children.


David with his grandfather Sol Wieder

To hear some of the stories my grandfather shared with me, you can follow this link were his and many other Holocaust survivors have stories recorded.


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