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Stepping Up to Serve Now

I have considered public service for much of my adult life, but I never seemed to have the “calling.”  It wasn’t until the fall of last year when I heard several political figures I respect calling for citizens to stand up and get involved in the democratic process that I realized my time was now.

Prior to that, I had always been registered without party affiliation, even though I mostly endorsed Working Family and Democratic Party candidates.  I joined the Democratic party in January this year.  It didn’t take long for me to identify the potential difference I could make as the 3rd district Representative on the Tompkins County Legislature.  I have devoted my professional career to the service of others so I am well prepared to serve Tompkins County residents in this new role. 

To be effective and bring new energy and values to our legislature’s work, Democrats must convince voters that we are the party for working families and adults.  We must convince voters that it is the Democratic Party that has been fighting for equity and inclusion, economic security, environmental protections and a reformed criminal justice system. I believe in these values and want to be a part of implementing values-based legislative changes which will improve the people’s lives.

I hope you will give me the chance to serve you as the 3rd District Representative on the Tompkins County Legislature.

David, wife Pam and baby Jeremiah at the Women's March in Ithaca.

Committee to Elect David Shapiro
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