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Issues I care about

Affordable, Accessible High Quality Child Care

No family should have to make sacrifices when it comes to the care and development of their children. But when the options for quality child care are dependent on having the resources to afford it, families of lesser means have fewer options for their children.  That is why I support high quality, affordable and accessible child care for all families in Tompkins County.

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Universal Pre-K should be a right for all families in Tompkins County.  Recent budget cuts at the state level have led to fewer pre-kindergarten classes.  Our local school district still ensures that all children with special needs and all children below the federal poverty guidelines have access to Pre-kindergarten.  The mean household income in Tompkins County is $52,000 a year, which is above the federal poverty threshold but still makes it challenging to find affordable quality care.  That is why many families rely on the public-school system.  I want to see our County put Universal Pre-Kindergarten on the legislative agenda. 

Community Policing and the County Jail

Everyone living in our community has the right to feel safe and secure no matter where they live or work.  I support the community policing initiatives incorporated in the Ithaca City Police Department and I will fight to ensure that any efforts to consolidate local police forces prioritizes more than just saving a few bucks.  I also oppose any local tax dollars being spent to increase our county jail. I envision a community that supports all community members who are in the “struggle,” and that means diverting people from jail and helping them to be productive and contributing members of our community.

Pay Equity and a Living Wage

Everyone willing to work a full-time job should be compensated at the living wage, yet this isn’t the case for many people employed in Tompkins County. Without wage transparency, many people don’t even know if they are being paid equitably in comparison with their peers.  Improving the entry wages is the first step; and then establishing pay equity which is vitally important to our community’s working women and other marginalized groups. 

Single Payer Health Care

I support a single payer health care system and oppose any effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, unless it is to replace it with a Medicare plan that is available for all Americans.  I also support the New York State Health Act and call on the State Senate to pass this legislation.  

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