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Values as a Leader

Collaboration: I define my role in the decision-making process as one who is responsible to facilitate decision making among groups of interested individuals.  As such, my task is more often to increase engagement and participation so that a more meaningful discussion takes place.  The decisions that are subsequently made, having come from a collaborative process, are more likely to be inclusive of some broader community needs.

Belle Sherman students (including Solomon Shapiro) working with the City of Ithaca to improve access to Strawberry Fields

Flexibility: To facilitate effectively, I also need to remain flexible in my thinking and open to change.  Change happens in our environment every day, and the factors that led to how we operate today were defined in yesterday’s environment.  Effective leaders constantly re-evaluate, and a leader can become more influential if the leader balances what is fresh and new with perspective from sources that are more established.

David learning how flexible he is while celebrating his 1o year anniversary with Pam in Thailand.

Humility: When people with passion and understanding propose a policy agenda that hadn’t been prioritized, it is the responsibility of the leader to recognize their lead.  In government policy, the will of the people and the needs of the many must remain the focus of the policy agenda.  Being a leader often means putting aside a personal priority when a greater consensus emerges.

Learning a thing or two about humility from son, Clayton.

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